Land & Sea Amphibious RV
2-in-1 Electric Power Boat & Camper / RV
An innovative, camping trailer with amphibious capabilities offering limitless mobility ... WATCH THE PRODUCT VIDEO: An extraordinary amphibious RV, is set to ensure road and boat trips will never be the same again. The aquatic camper you've been waiting for: Behold the Land & Sea Amphibious RV a go-anywhere recreational vehicle. This little vessel is small and light enough to be towed by any modestly-powered SUV and features a fully-configurable interior with a four-person table, a kitchenette and a sleeping area, and there's even space outside for a deck. Why would you want a deck on your camper? Because you'll need somewhere to stand when you take to the open seas in your home away from home. This extends the possibilities of camping and leisure boating. Learn more at:

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